Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Noemi Noe Roarks silicone

Look at this sweet chicken.
She has the most delicious hands and feet.
Inside her mouth she has a tongue and gums too!

She is a sweet silicone sculpted and poured by Noemi Noe Roarks. Her name is Amari. She is a kit you can buy from Noemi.
What I find so impressive is that Noemi is very new to the sculpting and pouring world and already she is so good at what she does. 
I started painting this lil chick and my paint goes on like butter. She paints so well and her initial skin tone is lovely. I am very excited to share with you what I have so far... but right now you get this pictures to wet your appetite!!!

I worked all day on this lil chicken. Got hands and feet mostly done. The detail in these are just incredible.
Sorry, these are night time phone photos... not so great but trust me, she is great!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Levi ~ a vinyl baby.

 I dont paint vinyl.
I use too ... years ago, but I never got use to baking my limbs for the genesis paints. 
I did love the air dry paints but its harder to sell babies when there is a risk at some point of it rubbing off. 
Genesis was more of a guarantee.

I stay with my clay and my resin and my silicone.

I see a lot of really cute sculpts but rarely am I URGED from my gut to paint a vinyl kit.
It seems I have been caught!
I have been twitterpainted!

This is 

Sculpted by Bonnie Brown, he is a portrait sculpt from a real baby. 
The real baby Levi is gorgeous and this sculpt is indentical to him.
Bonnie did an outstanding job on the likeness.

 Even with no paint, this sculpt looks like its almost breathing. You can see why I am urged to paint this medium.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Whimsy WhatKnots ~ Gingersnap

Whimsy WhatKnots ~ Gingersnap

I love dolls
We all know that.

I love anything that looks vintage and belonging in the trunk up in the attic. 
Feeling the challenge to knit something instead of crochet, I wanted to make something I've never made before. 
A knitted doll.

Here is my palette

$45.00 later and I still need yarn for hair.

This project has taken me a lot longer than I thought and I've done some techniques that I have learned from scratch and still need to perfect.

Like a Mattress Stitch

The Jamiesons yarn is rough... like a vintage yarn. 
The pink Schachenmayer is soft and I could work with that all day long. 
The Rowan fine tweed is very delicate and I didnt like how it broke  apart like tissue rope. I am not sure I would use this yarn again.  

After 2 weeks, we have some shape.
The hardest part for me was sewing it together. I am a perfectionist and this I couldn't get perfect. 

I have filled this part with polypellets for added weight and snuggle. 

Coming to life

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whimsy WhatKnots

I wish I had a 100 hours a day. 
Hours where I didn't have to sleep or slow down.

I have fallen in love with all things handmade. Textures and colors and the feeling you get when you see something made by a grandmother. 
I want the time to make and appreciate all these things.

When I am paying bills or driving or walking through a grocery store I have an itch. An unsettling urge to not be there but to be where I can create. 
Its almost like my mind never sits quiet until I am holding something in my hand; a paintbrush, a knitting needle, a crochet hook, a pencil.

With the recent passion (or obsession) in making my crocheted bunnies, I have figured I may walk into adopting them out soon. Can I really have a room filled with wide-eyed rabbits with no one to love them but me????
Once I feel like I can let one leave, I will put them up for sale. If I reach this point, I will put them under this name.....

Whimsy WhatKnots 

This name allows me many different creations, not just for my bunnies. I have been brainstorming so many ideas that I find I am cursing my inabilities to make everything I can think up. 
Limited knowledge. Limited time.

But soon, there will be some precious treasure looking for homes... I hope you will love them all.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Obsession continues....

Just when I thought I discovered all my passions a new one has popped up.
I remember a few years back knitting and thinking crocheting wasnt as nice as knitting. Or there wasnt enough patterns I liked.
So much has changed.

There is so much I want to crochet now. However, I havent exhausted my bunny phase yet. I need to make more ... and more...

So I went I got some yarn.

I felt like I do when I pick out brushes and paint.
That giddy sensation that just builds in you. You see every possible project in these soft balls of color and I just finally had to stop myself from TOUCHING these skeins. Touching them was causing the burning in me to flair hotter. Being tactile does that.

By the time I finishing picking all the colors and textures that inspired me, my cart was full and I felt full. It was like that silly drunken sensation. No better feeling.

Yep my cupath and bagath is full.

Now to start my next project!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Obsession

I've taken a little time off painting. 

I wanted to spend as much time with my sons this winter as I could and not be divided by a bewitching paintbrush and an oh so enticing baby sculpt. 
An sweet evil conundrum, I know, but we all have them.

In my 2 week sabbatical I've had many LATE nights. Pure indulgence as I do not enjoy sleeping. Its a waste of time, in my opinion.

It snowed here most of the days. Yes, it was very beautiful. Beautiful and cold and a valid reason to spend most of my time indoors, by the fire, warmed by my mug of coffee and .... crocheting.

Yep, I have learned to crochet. Blame it on a youtube video and a really cute stuffie.  Once I figured it out another addiction was made. I cannot tell you how much joy I have gotten out of crocheting.

My first project was this little man.

Looks nothing like the pattern. He is about 3 times too big. His eyes and mouth are stitched differently and he is missing a pompom on his hat. But I like him. 

Hubby claimed him. 

Next, while browsing on etsy (yes this time off was also the permission to indulge in wasting time on pinterest and etsy) I saw a cute little bunny that I had to have! I have a weakness for bunnies and this one made my knees buckle and the butterflies fly high.
So I thought I would give it a try.

Here is Sackboy Bunny. 

He is made of a simple cotton in a off white color. 

Hubby and I spent the day at a fabric shop looking for buttons to use for eyes. He found lots of cute little bobbins.... I found the eyes. Note to self, hubby is a slamming craft shopping partner. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          After my little floppy man, I decide to try once more. Something in brown. So I found a vintage wool stashed in my yarn box. Same pattern but Miss Squee was born a bit smaller. 

Completely smitten and in love, I need to try once more. (who am I kidding, I plan to make many more than once more, lol) and friend suggested pink. Who doesnt love a pink bunny. All I had in this sweet color was a skein of baby wool... And then Lil Petal was born... at around 2 am.

So this is my bunny family.
I have no doubt there will be more. What an absolute pleasure its been to make these sweet heirlooms.
I cant wait to see where this new found passion will take me!!!! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ellie Sue PreOrder

Ellie Sue

<3 Preorders for 
Ellie Sue will start 1:00pm Pacific time, December 15 thru to 31st. 

She will be available to order for ONLY two weeks!!! <3